Wednesday, December 28, 2011

baby girl

for granma

kisses from big brother
daddy and baby girl
leaving hospital
a few days old
mimi and baby girl

Sunday, May 23, 2010


this month we're just gearing up for b's first bday and the chicago trip.

mother's day

mother's day

eating lunch at daddy's office

so happy looking outside-second only to actually being outside

learning to stand and sit

first real booboo
11 month picture

darris' wedding

shawn was beautiful. the wedding was beautiful. there was a HUGE storm friday night/saturday morning, but cleared for sunshine so outdoor pictures could be taken. everything went great until the power went out 20 minutes before the ceremony began. the ceremony was still wonderful. we found out later that there had been a car accident nearby and an electrical pole was hit and an entire grid of power was out. completely impressed with the caterers. all the food was cooked, hot food hot and cold food cold.

the beautiful bride

sign darris made

seating chart
cupcake table-local bakery makes great cupcakes-darris made the stands



darris and me

darris and shawn

family pic


april was busy with bridal showers in preparation for my brother's wedding. briggs was busy learning to stand on his own and scooting backwards. he still amazes us each day what a good sleeper, eater and player he is. we are truly blessed!!!

playing with kitchen utenils

before church

playing with suitcase i bought at an estate sale

"reading" after morning bottle

10 month picture-we took the photo shoot outside this time

i love outside

playing with horse at my parents-it's the neighbors

Saturday, April 3, 2010

pics feb 23 to end of march



2/25-playing in the bathtub, but not at bathtime

2/28-yummy ribbon

2/3-first out to eat in a highchair

2/28-ready for church

2/28-after bath

9 months old

such a big boy

3/6-at the park swinging

3/7-ready for church

at church with briggs and friend jonah

3/9-found him like this after a nap
backwards with blanket over top half of body

playing peek-a-boo with blanket

3/9-playing with cooking utensils and talking

3/15-playing with papertowels

3/17-story time with daddy before bed